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Massachusetts OUI Wins After Clients Admitted to Drinking

Told Cop
"I Drank More
Than I Should Have"

Not Guilty All Charges

Call Mark:

Mark's Case

In addition to telling the cop “I probably drank more than I should have,” Mark also admitted to one drink per hour for several hours. At my motion to suppress evidence, I successfully had both incriminating statements thrown out. Although the officers testified at trial that he couldn’t walk the line and was unsteady on his feet I showed both the dash-cam and booking videos to the jury refuting the officers’ testimony. The jury deliberated for 2 days but then found him not guilty. The judge then restored his license immediately saving him the balance of the three-year refusal suspension.

‘Joe is brutally honest and insanely good.’

Dudley District Court

East Brookfield District Court trial

More Clients You Can Call
Whose Cases We Have Won After They Admitted to Drinking:


STEVE 781.254.6889
First, I said I had two beers. Then I said had three. After failing the field tests I said, "Like, six." Joe got the statement about six beers thrown out at a motion to suppress so we had a fighting chance. At trial, he showed how the tests weren’t done right and the jury found me not guilty. Then he convinced the judge to overturn the three-year refusal suspension and return my license. Totally incredible.


CHRIS 401 742 2141
I told the cop I had been drinking only one hour previously and he found a vodka bottle on the back seat. I was arrested after hopping too much trying to stand on one leg. My breath test was almost twice the legal limit too. Joe got the breath test excluded from evidence. At trial he proved the cop had followed me for over 1.25 miles and saw me go over the line just once. Then stressed my speech and walking were normal. Not guilty.


BRIAN 508-485-7525
I told the cop I had 3 beers. But the six pack in my truck showed 5 were missing. He testified to the jury I had slurred speech and swayed. Joe used the Miranda case to get my statement about the beers thrown out. He proved the accident wasn’t my fault at all. Then he asked the jury why the police hadn’t made a video of me using the cameras at the station or their cell phones. Jurors want video! Very clever. Not guilty.

Once an officer detects an odor of alcohol, they almost always ask questions about your drinking. If you deny drinking, they often tell you that they smell the alcohol and your answer isn’t credible. They will pressure you to give a different answer.

We have won many, many cases even though our clients admitted they were drinking. Often the officer will not ask follow-up questions such as whether you consumed the alcohol during a meal. Doing so slows the absorption of alcohol and can be used as an argument at trial.

It is also possible we could have your admission to drinking excluded at a hearing on a motion to suppress statements before the trial even takes place.

After you’re arrested, your vehicle is typically searched. If no alcohol or empties are found in the vehicle, a winning argument can be crafted that your drinking was not recent.

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